Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide

The world of Freshwater pearls is the fastest evolving of all cultured pearl types. New shapes, colors, sizes and textures are being introduced at breakneck speeds, with new varieties making debuts yearly at the international pearl shows.

Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels.

What are freshwater pearls? Natural freshwater pearls come from mussels that live in ponds, rivers, and lakes. Pearls can also be cultured in freshwater, with the majority started by manually inserting a piece of the mussel’s own mantle into its flesh.
Apr 22,  · Osmina pearls look pearly, but they are really parts of a shell. Rob shows how to make your own from common seashells.
Apr 25,  · How to Grade Freshwater Pearls Freshwater pearls offer the widest range of shapes and natural colors Probably the single most important thing to understand when learning about Pearl Grading in order to make an educated purchase decision is this: it is impossible to compare grades and grading systems from one company to another/5(K).
Apr 22,  · Osmina pearls look pearly, but they are really parts of a shell. Rob shows how to make your own from common seashells.
bird nest necklace - pearls and silver wire Find this Pin and more on Necklaces by Preciously. BACK TO SCHOOL Sale Bird and Nest with white Freshwater Pearls sterling silver necklace.

May 03,  · Edit Article How to String Pearls. Three Methods: Preparing to String Pearls Knotting As You Go Stringing and Knotting Community Q&A Stringing pearls can be necessary when making jewelry or when restringing worn out strands of pearls%(1).

The sheer volume of cultured Freshwater pearls dwarfs that of other cultured pearl types many times over each year, contributing to their lower price points. To learn more about all the pearl value factors, visit: Pearl Grading Overview Page.

We also offer our Gem Quality, Elite Collection pearls , which are the cream of the crop in Freshwater pearls. Our Elite Collection pearls represent the top.

They are the best of the best that Freshwater pearls have to offer, at half the price of an equivalent Akoya pearl. Pits or pitting blemishes are similar to pin-prick inclusions spotted on saltwater cultured pearls. Thankfully, these inclusions are colorless and only noticeable upon up-close inspection of 6-inches or less. Ridges are an inclusion that is unique to Freshwater pearls, quite likely due to their solid-nacre composition. Score marks or scoring begins with a small pin prick or pit, and then appears to be drawn off lightly over the surface of the pearl … they can look like small comets or shooting stars for those of us with a romantic viewpoint.

For dyed pearls such as our Black Freshwater pearls, up close inspection of the surfaces will often reveal a slight graininess or tiny dark speckles where the dye has concentrated.

This is a natural part of the color-treatment process, and does not affect the durability or overall loveliness of the pearls. When choosing fine Freshwater pearls, the biggest, most important considerations to keep in mind are consistently of shape, and a fine, bright luster!

The world of Freshwater pearls is the fastest evolving of all cultured pearl types. New shapes, colors, sizes and textures are being introduced at breakneck speeds, with new varieties making debuts yearly at the international pearl shows. This guide to A-AAA Freshwater Pearl Grading is going to deal primarily with the classic near round to round white Freshwater pearl, which is the most popular of all Freshwater pearl varieties available today.

Read the whole article, or use the links featured in the Table of Contents to skip ahead directly to parts that concern you. White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 7. Well now we can all be amazing gift givers, thanks to you! They seem like a timeless look — and I love them personally. I pinned this post so others can find it and make their own earrings…I will fully admit that I am more the buying-jewelry type than the making-jewelry type!

You make it seem effortless, but I know I would make it a marathon. Ahh I love making jewelry, but have never made freshwater pearl earrings before!

Thanks for the tutorial! Bookmarking for future reference! These have been on my wishlist for my hubby for a while. I typically use guage jump rings. Hi- love these earrings but when I tried to make them using your exact jump ring sizes I could not get a pearl to fit inside the 7mm jump rings.

I tried making the smallest loop with the head pin the loop above the pearl but no matter how small I made it the pearl would not fall inside the three 7mm rings. Oh no, no frustrating! What size pearl are you using? I usually use about a mm pearl, which should fit inside or on one side of the spiral. Alternatively, you could try using a slightly bigger ring to make the spiral.

What a great design and tutorial — thank you so much! The holes in the pearls are so tiny! I am a jeweler designer that is always seeking new ideas.

This one is a keeper. Thank you for sharing your God given talent. I was wondering about the sizes you have quoted for the jump rings. I want to order some but see you say your 7mm, 4. I just wanted to make sure you mean inside diameter, right? The company that I purchase my rings from gives dimensions by inner diameter, but I see that other sites give outer diameter. In this case, the equivalent is 9mm OD, 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Whenever I meet people in shows, inevitably I get asked how long it takes to make my jewelry. These earrings actually whip up super fast — during the busy season, I would easily crank out about 15 pairs of these elegant freshwater pearl earrings in an hour. Our round Freshwater cultured pearls make an excellent, affordable gift of good quality pearls. As opposed to rice-shaped Freshwater pearls, these pearls are mostly round, and look very similar to Akoya pearls when worn, but are available for a much lower price. Although the Japanese freshwater pearl industry has nearly ceased to exist, it has a special historic place as the first country to cultivate whole freshwater pearls, which it did in Lake Biwa, using the Biwa pearly mussel (Hyriopsis schlegeli).