The Pros & Cons of Wearing Boyshorts

Oct 01,  · Is there really any difference between female and male running shorts. I ask this because I always hear the girls on my team say how they got their nice shorts for .

If you're with a woman who hasn't quite come around to the whole 'women's lingerie' thing, boyshorts can look enough like men's underwear that she might be able to stifle her hysteria for five minutes. Can guys wear boy shorts or booty shorts? Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized.

In other words, if it's appropriate to wear shorts to a place, and you want to wear shorts, then do it. (Just please— please —make sure it's appropriate.) Don't let a men's magazine tell you.
Jan 15,  · I went on vacation once and forgot to pack a pair of running shorts. I went to the store and couldn't find any men's shorts that were shorter than knee length, so I opted for a pair of women's.
I just bought a pair of the Andrew Christian boy briefs in pink and hot shorts in white with a little anchor. THEY WERE ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS INSTEAD OF THE USUAL $ I .
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Jan 15,  · I went on vacation once and forgot to pack a pair of running shorts. I went to the store and couldn't find any men's shorts that were shorter than knee length, so I opted for a pair of women's.

Short shorts look funny to me, but that's just because most guys wear them long. As for the cleavage, I don't want to say you should assume she's a slut, but people .

Now days people are used to the long shorts look on guys, so you will probably get looked at as being gay. I personally would get turned off seeing a guy with short shorts on. It just takes away the manly look. And if it offends you then wear short shorts and be laughed at. Women have double standards when it comes to clothes too. If we show too little, we are looked at as boring prudes; if we show too much then we are looked at as trashy whores.

If we're out of style then we're looked at as lame. So please don't go there about double standards! Women have it harder as far as dressing goes because we have to dress JUST right to avoid sterotypes and labels. But even then we still get them prep, goth, emo etc.

Guys can get by with a T-shirt and shorts without being called "poor" or "untrendy. Ok well the girls answering are not prudish, they are being honest. What about the double standard when girls sleep with a guy and gets called a slut but the guy gets praised? The truth is that the world is full of double standards and always will be.

But for your question, if you didn't want to know you shouldnt have asked. We took time out of our day to help you out and all we get out of it is you complaining about the answers? Short shorts on guys are gross and that is that. Calling girls sluts is immature. Aw thank you for saying that. I am just trying to say that your comment was rude when you were the one who asked the question.

I have only seen a few guys in them. I never ever judge people, but when I see guys in these shorts I automatically assume they are gay. I know that's awful but blame society ;. So I can understand getting them to do chores and for lounging around the house, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them out. We might be thinking about different shorts but I think the shortest a guy should go is about halfway between the top of his knee and his crotch area.

I can say with a decent amount of confidence that they're not coming back into style. I think the reason why guys never wear short shorts is because our legs generally look way worse than girls' legs, so if they're comfortable for you and you like how you look in them, more power to you. Would you wear them though if women were all of a sudden turned on by it and it increased your chances of getting laid?

I dress in a way which I feel makes me feel comfortable and look best. Sometimes that clashes with what women are turned on by, and that's ok with me. I dress to be stylish and presentable, but not to the extent that I base it on what women want me to wear. A lot of teenager boys have to come within this trend to bring about changes from people's mind, social norms.

You live for yourself, yolo, teens! Please don't mind, don't give a damn, a shit or any shy about what other people think. Society and prudish girls out there will not make fun of us any more. The bottom line is, women got no shame, men are too timid. Want equal rights, the men have to stand out to fight for it. You dont use it, u lose it. If we protested like feminists, we may have gotten the rights to wear shorts to work by now, and made the women unable to make a single negative comment.

I would not say that is a trend coming back. I hate short shorts. And if I had to wear them I wouldn't in public. But that's just my opinion. Some people like them, some people don't. Because it is degrees out today and most of the summer and long shorts make my legs sweat and I hate the heat. I don't wear short shorts just like I don't wear girl jeans. They are out of style and frankly I've never seen a guy pull them off. If you are so worried about this double standard and all that, why don't you drop the boxers and briefs and wear a thong to feel sexy?

I wear short shorts and they are really comfortable-they make you feel cool, and less sweaty that what Man currently wear are shorts but I do not call them that, but I call them short pants or clam diggers. I agree with you! Women seem to be offended if their outline of their package is showing! God forbid if we should wear speedos! I wear the long cut speedos, because they are more comfortable, dry fast, and last longer than other suits.

Jammers is what I am refering to! We must be ugly to look at! D They're much appreciated. Here you can find the Le Bra seemless T back g-string, if you want any: Unfortunately they no longer have the white lacy boyshorts you have above, and the bodysuit which was in the same range as the shorts: Esona do some lovely lingerie, the white boyshorts you have above are from Esona.

The bodysuit also fits perfectly and has also been removed, what a shame! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: But why should men wear boyshorts?

Well, there's lots of reasons I can think of. Freya and Felina both have some very nice boy shorts! Books, Literature, and Writing. Games, Toys, and Hobbies. HubPages Tutorials and Community. Politics and Social Issues.

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This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. And, as it tends to go in our society, the female version of the boyshort became more and more traditionally feminine as the style evolved. In fact, there are variations on the boyshort now.

This is different than say, a thong, tanga, Brazilian, or bikini cut because of the extra side and leg coverage. The kind of boyshort that actually looks like a short is a more traditional version of this kind of underwear.

Not traditional as in conservative although it does have more coverage , but traditional as in more in line with the original concept for this style of underwear. I also like to wear these underneath my ski pants in the winter, or in-case-of-the-subway-wind moments under skirts in the summer.

Here are two examples from B. Since its design conception, the boyshort has undergone many style upgrades and variations. In addition to the traditional short style, there are varying options when it comes to coverage and design.

These similar styles, which still retain the look of a short, are very short short. So short, in fact, that most of the bottom part of your booty or cheeks will be exposed. In this case, the sides still have more coverage than a bikini, but the bum has less coverage than a typical boyshort. I especially like to wear this in lace to match a lace bra. But I do feel a certain extra amount of sexy when I let the cheeks peek.

This is partly just a clever play on words, and partly a way to distinguish different cuts and styles. As I mentioned above, the boyshort has really swung toward the traditionally feminine side of things recently.

See below, the front and back of the girl short is on the left. The front and back of the boyshort is on the right. I have really long legs and a curvy booty and they tend to be flattering on me. I wear them mostly under mini dresses because I like the extra coverage. But the biggest reason I heart boyshorts is that my hubby loves me in boyshorts.

Like, goes completely gaga.

Boys can wear short shorts and panties, and girls can wear baggy shorts and boxers. I seriously like can’t stress this enough - clothes have no gender! Everyone should be able to present how they want, dress like they want, act like they want, and live like they want! I think PINK by Victoria's Secret are the best boyshort panties a guy can wear. I love the ones with the PINK logo on the waistband. The new ones have a mesh side. They look sod all like boy’s shorts. They look like daisy dukes. I have a pair of “sport” undies that I much prefer and I wear those under jeans, and have been known to wear them under my riding pants.